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Testimonial 1

” I dealt with a young guy called Aaron who was efficient, kind and v pleasant. Top marks for him
David Morgan’ “


Testimonial 2

Aaron is a very pleasant businessman. He knows a lot about the cars. I was happy to do business with him
Simon kirk’


Testimonial 3

It was an all round good experience. The sales person had excellent knowledge and was very thorough in explaining everything about the car. I was happy with the changeover price and everything went smoothly
Maria Bolto’


Testimonial 4

we went to see ford fiesta, it was bit of high kilometre but very well presented and was in excellent condition we are very happy about the deal we got. thank you rio motors Tanya Bruce’


Testimonial 5

bought a mazda 323 without a test drive. i would appreciate the previous owner and rio motors staff for suggesting me to buy this vehicle. vehicle drives like new. Thanks. Shauna peterson ‘

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